Dump Truck Accident Lawyer in California

Dump Truck Accident Attorney

Dump truck accidents happen more often than you think. In one recent year, over 5,600 dump truck crashes resulted in injuries in the United States. More than 460 collisions were fatal.

If you’ve been hurt in a dump truck accident in California, you could be eligible for compensation. An experienced dump truck accident lawyer can help you pursue the money you need.

About Dump Truck Accidents

Dump truck accidents are incredibly hazardous. Not only do dump trucks weigh more than passenger vehicles, but they also carry materials that pose severe threats to others. It only takes a second for a dump truck driver to make a critical error that causes a crash. Dump truck accidents can also result in multi-car pileups, especially if a faulty latch or problem with the hydraulic system causes the contents of the cargo bed to spill onto the highway. 

The consequences of a dump truck accident can be devastating, sending victims to the hospital with serious injuries. In California, victims can seek compensation for their medical expenses and other losses by filing a personal injury claim.  

Recovering From Dump Truck Accidents

Dump truck accident attorneys may demand economic and non-economic compensation for injured victims of a dump truck accident.

The economic compensation available for you may include:

  • Past, present, and future medical care
  • Rehabilitation, such as physical and occupational therapy
  • Assistive technology and durable medical devices
  • Lost wages and loss of earning potential
  • Property damage

Your non-economic compensation may include:

  • Pain and suffering 
  • Emotional trauma
  • Diminished quality of life
  • Damaged relationships

The Truck Accident Claims Process

In the painful moments after a dump truck accident, prioritize your health and safety first. Call 911 for medical assistance and to summon law enforcement. Once the police arrive, only speak with the officer – not the dump truck driver or any representative of their company that may come to the scene.Truck Accident Attorney

Once your medical condition is stable, you can focus on what comes next. Consult a skilled truck accident lawyer as soon as you can. There’s a good chance that the dump truck driver’s insurance company will contact you shortly after the accident. Its goal is to minimize any payout for you or deny your claim altogether. A lawyer will know how to negotiate with the insurance company for a full and fair settlement.

Save all your medical records. These will be crucial proof of injury and can help determine the value of your claim and draw the connection between the wreck and your injuries. If you incur any other expenses related to the crash, save those receipts, too.

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