My insurance company should cover my expenses after an accident, right?

Yes and no.

If you were in a car crash that was the other driver’s fault, your insurer needs to work with their insurance provider to have your expenses covered.


But in truth, there’s just so much your insurance company can do. If the other insurer refuses to acknowledge the various other driver’s obligations, or if the insurance firms can not make an arrangement on how much your damages are worth, there’s absolutely nothing, even more, your insurer can do.

Your very own insurance provider might also make you a lowball offer to resolve your insurance claim. The less the firm pays in negotiations, the even more revenue it makes. Your insurance provider isn’t motivated to get you the most money; their motivation is to work out the case and also spend the least cash possible.

If the amount you’re being used by your insurer does not cover your expenses, a personal injury lawyer can help you take the following steps to seek extra damages or file a claim.