Weather-Related Truck Accident Lawyer

weather truck accident attorney

Driving in poor weather requires extra caution from every motorist, especially truck drivers. Commercial truck accidents lead to some of the worst injuries, even when the skies are blue. But if truckers fail to adapt their driving behaviors to the weather conditions, they put everyone on the road at risk. A truck accident lawyer with experience handling bad weather injury claims can help determine fault in these crashes.  

Understanding Weather-Related Truck Accidents

Adverse weather conditions such as rain, snow, fog, or high winds can make operating a large commercial truck challenging. Truckers who fail to adjust their driving to current weather conditions may cause accidents that lead to life-altering injuries. 

According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), nearly nine percent of fatal U.S. truck crashes and 12 percent of injury-causing crashes occurred in rainy conditions in a recent year. Snow contributed to around 1.5 percent of fatal truck accidents and two percent of accidents resulting in injuries. 

The Role of a Weather-Related Truck Accident Attorney

When a truck accident occurs during bad weather, the truck driver and trucking company may try to deflect liability by blaming the crash on the weather. A truck accident attorney can help crash victims recover the compensation they need by thoroughly investigating the collision and recovering evidence showing how the driver’s negligent actions contributed to the crash. 

For example, a speeding truck driver who strikes a passenger car during a thunderstorm cannot solely blame the rain for the crash. Speeding is a traffic violation and supports a negligence claim. 

Determining Fault in Weather-Related Truck Accidents

An attorney can secure evidence to prove a truck driver is at fault for a crash in bad weather. Examples of evidence a lawyer might use to prove negligence include:

  • The truck driver’s hours-of-service logs
  • The cargo manifest
  • The truck’s event data recorder (“black box”) logs
  • Traffic camera or dashcam footage
  • Eyewitness testimony
  • Weather reports
  • Police crash reports
  • Testimony from accident reconstruction specialists

Navigating Insurance Claims After a Weather-Related Truck Accident

In most weather-related truck accident cases, victims can pursue compensation from the truck driver’s or trucking company’s insurance company. However, many trucking companies have complex insurance policies with multiple layers of coverage. These complicated policies can make truck accident claims confusing for accident victims to handle on their own. An experienced truck accident lawyer can help victims by reviewing the terms of a trucking company’s insurance policies to determine the extent of coverage and whether an insurer makes a fair settlement offer. 

Legal Rights and Options for Victims of Weather-Related Truck Accidents

If a negligent truck driver injured you in a weather-related truck accident, you may have the right to seek compensation against the driver and the trucking company under California law. The state’s personal injury statute of limitations typically gives victims two years to file a truck accident lawsuit.

Trust a Skilled Attorney to Resolve Your Bad Weather Truck Accident Claim

Obtaining compensation after a truck accident in California can help restore your personal and financial well-being after a wreck. Contact the Law Offices of Pius Joseph today for a free, no-obligation consultation with a top truck accident lawyer.