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Dog bites are traumatic events that often bring serious consequences for dog owners and severe injuries for bite victims. The Law Offices of Pius Joseph has represented clients, both dog owners, and dog bite victims, in almost every California County as well as throughout the western United States. Our client-focused practice is committed to providing you with the advice and tools you need to navigate the often complex legal system.

Dog Bites and Owner Liability in California

Each year, more than four million people are bitten by dogs nationwide and at least half of all victims are children. It is believed that only 25 percent of dog bites are reported. Dogs of any breed have the capacity to inflict serious injuries if they are provoked. Concerning dog bites, California has a specific statute that places strict liability on dog owners. What this means is that dog bite victims do not need to prove that the owner knew the dog was predisposed to aggressive behavior, the dog had bitten someone before or that the owner was negligent in any way. The attack itself triggers instant liability for the dog owner. The plaintiff does need to show that the victim was lawfully in place at the time of the bite as opposed to trespassing onto another’s property.

Landlord Liability for Dog Bites in Pasadena

Landlords also can be held liable if they know that a dangerous dog is being kept on their property, and they fail to remove the dog. Dog owners may have a defense to the dog bite if they can prove that the victim was intentionally provoking the dog. However, children under the age of five are considered incapable of contributory negligence as well as provoking a dog. Competent personal injury lawyers provide sound legal advice to help you whether you have been the victim of a dog bite or are the owner of a dog that has bitten someone.

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