10 Things to Do Help Recover from a Bad Motorcycle Accident

10 Things to Do Help Recover from a Bad Motorcycle Accident | Pasadena Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Most drivers that have been on the road a decade or more have probably seen the after effects of a motorcycle accident. Motorcyclists typically do not fare well in collisions, and it’s very easy for them to sustain serious injuries, especially if they are not wearing a helmet. It’s important for those injured in a motorcycle accident to get treatment immediately, even if you don’t notice any injuries, as it could take days or even weeks for the trauma or injury to become apparent. Emergency medical specialists are the best ones qualified to look you over for what could turn into immediately undetectable, permanent or long-lasting injuries.

10 Things You Should Do After a Motorcycle Accident to Recover

The following list are suggestions on how you can increase your chances for recovery after a motorcycle accident:

  1. Medical Attention – First things first! See a doctor immediately following a motorcycle accident. Insurance companies pounce on injury victims who put off seeking medical attention. Plus, many injuries are not immediately apparent, and medical specialist will help determine if there are any unseen injuries.
  2. Pics – Be sure to take lots of photos of your injuries as a well as property damage, such as damage to your car. These can be used by your lawyer in court to help show to the judge and/or jury during trial to illustrate the extent of damage suffered.
  3. Settlement Time – Don’t settle your case until you have finished seeing medical specialists and have a clear idea how much more treatment, if any you might need in the future. Make sure your primary doctor has cleared you, before seeking a settlement. A lot of accident victims want to settle sooner than later, but that’s not always the best idea. Settling a case too soon can mean not getting the most compensation for your losses had you waited longer.
  4. Be Honest – It never pays to lie about your injuries or with your property damage claims. If you claim certain injuries, and then the insurance company can do surveillance on you to verify your injuries, and if they find you are waterskiing or doing some activity that would normally be prohibited if you were injured how you claimed to be, then a court would most likely dismiss your case.
  5. Keep Track of Lost Wages – Keep a ledger or spreadsheet that captures all the time you missed from work. Also, get a letter from your place of work’s human resources department stating your job title, salary and benefits at the moment your accident occurred.
  6. Get Appraised Value of Your Motorcycle – Get an appraisal for your motorcycle’s value pre-accident condition. Find comparable values for your motorcycle’s model and year in your area.
  7. Collect Bills and Receipts – Save all your bills and receipts for medical expenses, if there’s damage to your jacket or helmet, get comparable values for replacement items. Obviously, these last items may have depreciated value. Sometimes insurance companies even expect accident victims to turn those items over to them, so they can find comparables and figure out the depreciative value for them.
  8. Be Humble and Pleasant – Should your case go to litigation and you are called to testify, the defense attorney will try and gauge your personality. If you are likeable and the jury likes you, the value of your case could increase.
  9. Select an Attorney That Specializes in Motorcycle Accidents – Don’t just settle on any attorney because a friend or family member recommends one. Vet them to make sure they specialize in motorcycle accidents, and they have a proven track record of winning compensation awards or settlements for motorcycle accident victims.
  10. Don’t Set Too High of Expectations for Your Case – Let your attorney help counsel you on selecting a settlement or holding out for a jury award. Typically, the last settlement offer made by an insurance company is higher than what you’ll receive from a jury.

Most Common Motorcycle Injuries

A motorcycle accident injury can take years to recover from and cost thousands of dollars for medical services and therapy. Some motorcycle accidents only cause superficial wounds or injuries, but others can take years to recover from. Here’s a list of the most common type of motorcycle accident injuries:

  • Cracked or broken bones
  • Extreme road rash
  • Neck, head or spinal injury
  • Internal bleeding and injuries
  • Paralysis or nerve damage

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