Motorcycle Safety Tips for California Bikers

Motorcycle Safety Tips for California Bikers

Bill Beckwith, a host of the HGTV show “Curb Appeal” was recently involved in a tragic motorcycle crash. The TV host was riding his motorcycle near the neighborhood or Haight-Ashbury when he was struck by another vehicle. Beckwith was rushed to a nearby San Francisco hospital, but later died from the crash-related injuries.

Unfortunately, tragic motorcycle crashes are a frequent occurrence in California. According to statistical findings from the California Highway Patrol, motorcycle crashes resulted in 417 deaths and more than 10,000 injuries in California in 2010. These injuries included broken bones, punctured organs, spinal cord trauma and brain damage. In many cases, the rider was unable to walk, eat or speak again.

The danger associated with motorcycle riding is massive, but there are several steps that can help reduce a rider’s chances of serious injury or death. Consider the following motorcycle related safety tips:

  • Wear proper gear — You should never get on a motorcycle without wearing a properly fitted helmet. When purchasing a helmet, make sure that it is brand new, in good working order and has the Department of Transportation stamp of approval. Furthermore, you should also wear protective gear for the rest of your body. It may make your ride a bit more stiff and stuffy, but body gear can help prevent serious injuries. Wear an abrasion-resistant jacket, gloves and pants on every ride. Also, make sure to wear sturdy, full-coverage motorcycle boots.
  • Be educated — Motorcycles aren’t as easy to ride as they look. New riders should make sure that they are educated about motorcycle safety before taking their two-wheeler on the open road. There are many motorcycle safety classes that can help get a novice rider street-ready. A safety course can also help an experienced rider refresh their skills.
  • Know your limits — It’s important to know your limits when on a motorcycle. Don’t ride over a speed that is comfortable for you. Don’t ride in road conditions or weather conditions that are beyond your personal skill set. It is especially important to acknowledge your personal limits and express them to other riders.

If you’ve been involved in a motorcycle crash, you may have a strong lawsuit against a number of different individuals or businesses. Contact an experienced Pasadena motorcycles crash attorney to discuss your legal options.