Technology Trends Helping to Prevent Auto Accidents

Technology Trends Helping to Prevent Auto Accidents

As California’s population increases so do the number of motorists, and state officials have been trending toward technology for safety solutions. Some you would expect, but others you might not have even heard of.

“As California’s population continues to increase, so does the number of motorists on the highways and interstates,” according to Caltrans Public Information Officers Skip Allum. “There are nearly 30 million registered vehicles in the state of California, and the number of cars worldwide is expected to double in the next 20 years.”

Solutions Being Put Into Practice for Increased Motorist Safety

Caltrans is looking at a number of solutions to help make the roadways in California safer. The following list is a number of solutions Caltrans has proposed to be implemented in the near future:

  • Automated Warning System (AWS) – This includes monitoring systems placed to keep motorists better informed and alerted of any immediate troubled spots on freeways and highways. Other uses are for traffic delays, weather warnings, or foggy stretches of roadway. This will better inform drivers, so they can plan their commutes better. Part of this system includes wire loops embedded into the roadway to monitor traffic flow and speed.
  • Changeable Message Signs (CMS) – Caltrans gets information from several sources to update these messaging boards, including from other motorists, law enforcement, and the AWS as well.
  • Roadside Weather Stations – Collect weather data that in turn gets relayed back to the AWS and CMS. These can gauge rainfall, wind speed, temperature and more.
  • Bluetooth Readers – This is built into the AWS and helps calculate travel times for motorists to certain destinations. They can also be shared on CMS boards.
  • Quick Map App – The Caltrans Quick Map app presents real-time traffic information layered on top of Google Map. Information imparted on the Quick Map includes traffic speed, lane and road closures due to road construction, collisions, CMS content, relevant snapshots, and chain control requirements.
  • Social Media – Caltrans also disseminates information using the most popular social media apps, including Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and RSS feeds.

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While this technology can inform drivers, and help them take action to prevent wrecks, it only works if drivers use it. Unfortunately, many motorists don’t always make the safest choices behind the wheel. In fact, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports that approximately 94% of crashes are caused by driver error. So, even if you are a safe and responsible driver, others may not be. And, if a careless driver hits you, it’s time to contact a lawyer to find out more about your options for recovery. So, don’t delay, contact our Pasadena Auto Accident Attorney at the Law Offices of Pius Joseph – Personal Injury Attorney for effective legal advocacy and vigorous representation when you need it most.

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