Examples of Dangerous Premises in a Premises Liability Claim in Pasadena, California

examples of dangerous premises & property owner negligence

Properties can dangerous for a variety of reasons, with some risks being less obvious than others. Understanding some of the more common factors that can compromise your safety at a public or private property, however, can help you avoid potential dangers and stay safe.

What Can Make Properties Unsafe

Safety risks at properties can arise in various forms, only some of which can include:

  • Uneven, slippery or broken flooring
  • Clutter or other objects in common walkways
  • Broken windows and/or door locks
  • Broken stair rungs or stair railings
  • A lack of nighttime lighting and/or security for the property
  • A lack of smoke alarms, fire extinguishers and/or emergency exits
  • A lack of warning signs around dangerous areas or areas that are undergoing construction
  • A failure to properly contain hazardous, toxic or volatile materials.

Property owners can be held liable when these or other safety risks at their property end up harm people – even if the owners were not necessarily aware of the issue – so long as the risk would have been apparent to a reasonable person in the same or similar circumstances.

Common Types of Dangerous Properties

The above safety risks (and others) can be present at various types of properties, including (but by no means exclusive to):

  • Retail property, including shopping malls and grocery stores
  • Other commercial property, including business offices, health care facilities, restaurants and even amusement parks
  • Government property, including courthouses, public parks and even some sidewalks
  • Residential property, including apartment buildings and homes
  • Other private property.

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