California Truck Accident Statistics

California Truck Accident Statistics | Law Offices of Pius Joseph - Personal Injury Attorney

Large tracks are an integral part of the economy in California, carrying and receiving tons of goods from state to state. But commercial trucks can also be dangerous road companions. 

Every year, thousands of preventable crashes involving tractor-trailers and other heavy trucks occur on U.S. roadways. These collisions often result in serious injuries to other motorists. 

Many California truck accident victims face lengthy recovery periods and significant financial hardships in the weeks, months, and even years following the crash. The good news is that compensation is possible for many of these innocent people. 

That’s because truckers and truck companies are held to higher standards than everyday motorists. If they violate the law and an accident occurs, they can be held accountable for their recklessness.   

California truck accident attorney Pius Joseph is an experienced and compassionate advocate for victims’ rights after they’ve been hurt in a crash. Every day, he demands maximum compensation for victims’ losses, including medical expenses, lost income, pain and suffering and more. 

If you’ve been harmed in a truck crash, contact the Law Offices of Pius Joseph – Personal Injury Attorney for a free consultation. 

California Truck Accident Data

California is reliably one of the top 10 states in the nation for truck accidents, according to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). More than half of all large truck or bus accidents occur in California, Texas, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, Florida, Georgia and North Carolina. 

Consider these other truck accident statistics: 

  • The number of California large truck accidents is on the rise. Fatal accidents involving commercial vehicles increased 42 percent in the state over a recent 10-year period.
  • Most California truck crashes occur on I-5, I-10 and I-715.
  • Most large truck crashes occur in Los Angeles County. 

In addition to the number of big rigs that enter California from interstate travel, the state also receives international goods from Mexico. A large number of serious crashes also occur on rural routes throughout Southern California.

Are Large Trucks Usually At Fault?

Fault is a key element in any truck accident case. Who is responsible, and what happened? 

Data shows that truck drivers (or other problems related to the truck, such as a vehicle defect) are not always responsible for wrecks. In fact, one study of truck accidents only involving a single passenger car found that the car’s driver was responsible for the crash in more than half of all cases. Trucks were listed at fault in 44 percent of those cases. 

However, in evaluating the critical reason for all large truck crashes, the fault switched. Truck drivers were listed at fault in 55 percent of all collisions.   

But statistics only tell part of the story. If you’ve been in a truck accident, you need to speak with an attorney who can examine the facts of your case and determine who was at fault. Many times, more than one party can be held liable. 

What Percent of Backing Accidents Involve Large Trucks?

Backing accidents occur when a car or truck backs into another vehicle or person. Most of the time, these accidents occur due to entirely avoidable factors, such as distraction. 

Backing accidents can be very serious and are more common than one might think. The National Safety Council reports that approximately 25 percent of all accidents can be blamed on poor backing techniques. 

Backing up a large truck safely is much more difficult compared to a smaller passenger vehicle. Large trucks have bigger blind spots and are generally more difficult to maneuver. It’s essential for truck drivers to be properly trained to avoid these often-fatal accidents. 

How Many Deaths Are Caused By Truck Accidents Each Year?

In California, anywhere from 200 to 360 deaths have been attributed to truck accidents in recent years. That’s not counting the thousands of non-fatal injuries that result from tractor-trailer crashes, many of which are catastrophic. 

Nationally, the statistics are equally as grim. More than 4,500 people died in crashes involving trucks, according to the latest FMCSA data. Most of the time, those killed were the occupants of the other vehicles, not the truck driver. 

Causes Of Truck Accidents In California

The most common causes of truck accidents include:

  • Driver fatigue
  • Inattention
  • Poor driver decisions (e.g., speeding or driving aggressively)
  • Poor performance (e.g., overcompensating for driving errors)
  • Vehicle-related problems (e.g., brake or light failures) 
  • Environmental factors (e.g., damaged roadways or poor weather)
  • Loose cargo
  • Untrained or undertrained drivers
  • Unsafe hiring practices 

Both FMCSA and California have strict laws regulating the actions of truck drivers. The rules are particularly stringent because the stakes are higher if an 80,000 pound-truck collides with a small car, pedestrian, motorcycle or bicyclist.  

However, the combination of state and federal laws also makes truck accidents particularly complex. If you or a loved one was injured in a wreck, you need to contact a skilled  Pasadena truck accident attorney as soon as possible to launch an investigation into your case.  

How Can Pius Joseph Help Me?

An attorney can be an essential ally to fight for the compensation that you need and deserve after a large truck crash. At the Law Offices of Pius Joseph – Personal Injury Attorney, our truck wreck lawyers can help you by:

  • Sending spoliation of evidence letters to ensure that evidence relevant to your accident and claim is preserved
  • Investigating your accident and hiring experts, if necessary, to help determine cause and liability
  • Representing you in all interactions with insurance companies and the trucking company
  • Determining the available sources of insurance and potential avenues for compensation
  • Calculating your damages, including both economic and noneconomic losses
  • Negotiating your settlement
  • Filing a truck accident lawsuit and going to trial if a fair settlement cannot be reached

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