• Examples of distracted driving

Distracted Driving Comes in Many Forms

The variety of ways in which drivers can be distracted is seemingly endless. Recently, a California woman was pulled over by a highway patrol officer on the suspicion of speeding. When the officer saw that she was wearing Google Glass, the officer gave the woman a citation for driving with video or TV in the vehicle.

Distracted […]

November 2nd, 2015|Auto Accidents, Personal Injury|

What You Need to Know About Dog Bite Danger

A baby in Ohio is dead following a tragic dog-related incident. The 3-month-old girl was in the living room of the family home when two pet dogs, both purebred Shiba Inus, attacked her.

Dogs are often referred to as man’s best friend, but in many cases they can be man’s worst enemy. In fact, more than […]

November 2nd, 2015|Personal Injury|

Are You Driving on Safe Tires?

Sudden tire failure can result in serious consequences. Recently, a fire truck suffered a tire blowout, and it was launched 200 feet off the roadway of Interstate 80. The fire truck went down an embankment and came to halt in a drainage canal. Fortunately, the driver of the vehicle only suffered minor injuries.

In a tire […]

November 2nd, 2015|Auto Accidents, Personal Injury|