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More than 1 in every 3 traffic accidents that occurs on an American roadway is a rear-end collision, making these crashes one of the single most common types of traffic accidents that occur in the U.S.1

Although rear-end collisions can be minor when drivers are traveling at slower speeds, these crashes can also end up causing serious damage and harm, potentially result in long-term – if not fatal – injuries in the worst cases.

At the Law Offices of Pius Joseph – Personal Injury Attorney, our Pasadena car accident attorney is dedicated to helping the victims of rear-end collisions get on the path to justice and recovery. Effective at protecting injured people’s rights while providing them with compassionate service, our lawyer has the skills and experience necessary to help accident victims pursue all available legal remedies so they can obtain the compensation they deserve.

Driver Negligence & Rear-End Collisions

One of the primary causes of many rear-end collisions is driver negligence, with common examples including (but not necessarily being limited to):

  • Distracted driving – Motorists who are texting, talking on the phone or otherwise multitasking while driving are far more likely to miss seeing important driving cues, such as the brake lights of vehicles in front of them or a signal light changing from green to red. This can greatly increase the chances of rear-end collisions, especially at intersections or anywhere else where multiple vehicles converge.
  • Drunk driving – Motorists who are intoxicated by alcohol and/or drugs tend to experience impaired perception, judgment, coordination and reaction times. While this can mean that drunk drivers may not see cars stopped at red lights, it may also mean that they do not respond appropriately or quickly enough to step on the brakes to avoid a rear-end collision if or when they do notice red lights (or other important driving cues).
  • Reckless or aggressive driving – Even if motorists are sober and attentive, they can still cause rear-end collisions if they speed, tailgate other drivers or otherwise act recklessly or aggressively behind the wheel. In fact, the risk of a collision can exponentially increase when reckless or aggressive drivers are driving during rush hour, on busier roads or around intersections.

Other Causes of Rear-End Collisions

In addition to driver negligence, other factors that can contribute to rear-end collisions can include (but are by no means exclusive to):

  • Vehicle-related factors, such as equipment failures – For example, defective brakes or tires can prevent drivers from being able to control vehicles, increasing the chances of a rear-end collision.
  • Environmental factors, such as broken/covered intersection signals or a lack of traffic signage – If drivers are not able to appropriately predict the changes in their environment or the flow of traffic, again, rear-end collisions are far more likely to occur.

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  1. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA)