Pasadena Whiplash Injury Lawyer

pasadena whiplash injury lawyer

Whiplash is one of the most common types of injuries sustained in auto accidents. In fact, while whiplash can result from low-speed collisions, it can also arise even when the vehicle is not damaged by the impact of the crash.

Regardless of how an accident causes whiplash, however, those who have sustained this type of neck injury will usually require some ongoing medical treatment to recover.


At the Law Offices of Pius Joseph – Personal Injury Attorney, our Pasadena car accident lawyer has been helping people injured in traffic accidents pursue justice and compensation for nearly 30 years. Dedicated to protecting our clients’ rights and interests in any legal setting, our lawyer can help you pursue all available legal remedies following any type of traffic accident that causes you whiplash and/or other injuries.

Symptoms of Whiplash

Typically arising within 24 hours of an accident or some trauma, whiplash can be marked by various symptoms, including (but not exclusive to):

  • Neck pain and stiffness, which may intensify with movement
  • Headaches, which commonly start at the base of the skull
  • Limited range of motion in the neck
  • Increased sensitivity and/or tingling in the shoulders, upper back and/or arms
  • Dizziness
  • Fatigue
  • Concentration and/or memory problems
  • Sleeping issues
  • Sensory issues, including blurry vision and/or ringing in the ears
  • Irritability, depression and/or other mood changes.

Whiplash injuries and their symptoms tend to be more severe if or when:

  • Collisions occur at higher speeds.
  • Vehicle occupants were not wearing their seatbelts and/or had their heads positioned more than a few inches away from the head rest at the time of impact.
  • Injured people have prior whiplash, neck and/or back injuries.

Recovering from Whiplash

The treatments for whiplash will vary according to the severity of the injury (among other factors). Generally, however, physical recovery from whiplash injuries can include some combination of:

  • Physical therapy
  • Medication
  • Pain management
  • Use of neck braces, foam collars or other aides.

Financial recovery for whiplash injuries caused by car accidents can include compensation for medical bills, lost wages, and emotional suffering.

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