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Garbage Truck Accident in Pasadena

Garbage truck accident cases can be complex. Victims often suffer expensive injuries, but state laws protect government agencies from tort claims and can make it difficult for injured people to recover the money they deserve. Claims against the government also have strict notice requirements and tight deadlines for filing. 

If you got hit by a garbage truck, don’t make the mistake of trying to handle your case yourself. Instead, call or contact an experienced Pasadena truck accident attorney from the Law Offices of Pius Joseph for help. The first consultation is free. 

Understanding Garbage Truck Accidents

Our law firm has extensive experience providing legal assistance to garbage truck accident victims in Pasadena. Common types of crashes include: 

  • Pedestrian collisions
  • Rear-end accidents due to sudden stops
  • Side-impact collisions at intersections
  • Garbage truck rollovers
  • Blind spot accidents
  • Accidents caused by debris falling from the garbage truck
  • Hit-and-run collisions
  • Accidents caused by mechanical failures
  • Incidents involving improperly parked or stopped garbage trucks

While the specifics of garbage truck accidents vary, they often involve legal fault on the part of the truck driver, the truck driver’s employer, or someone else involved in the truck’s operation. An attorney can determine who bears responsibility for the crash. Potentially liable parties include:

  • Garbage truck driver –The truck driver may be to blame if they drove negligently and caused an accident.
  • Waste management company – The company that owns the garbage truck or employs the driver may be responsible if the crash resulted from inadequate training, poor maintenance, or unsafe work policies.
  • Local government entities – A municipal or state government might be liable for a garbage truck accident caused by a vehicle it owns or operates directly.
  • Vehicle or parts manufacturer – If a defect in the garbage truck or any of its components contributed to the accident, the company that made or designed that part might be liable.
  • Maintenance or repair service providers – Companies contracted to maintain or repair the garbage truck could be liable if a crash resulted from improper maintenance or faulty repairs.

Pasadena Garbage Truck Accident Lawyer

 Victim’s Rights and Potential Compensation

After a garbage truck accident in Pasadena, you could pursue compensation for your physical injuries and other losses. An attorney can gather evidence to support your claim and help you seek money for losses like:

    • Past, current, and future medical bills
    • Lost income
    • Reduced future earnings
    • Emotional distress
    • Pain and suffering
    • Diminished quality of life
    • Damaged personal property

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California personal injury law gives you two years from the date of an injury to file a truck accident lawsuit. However, that deadline could be reduced to six months if you need to file a claim against a state, county, or local government. Don’t wait to contact an attorney to learn the deadline for your case. Call the Law Offices of Pius Joseph today for a free consultation.